How Color Doppler Ultrasound is different from normal ultrasound

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How Color Doppler Ultrasound is different from normal ultrasound

Abnormalities in the body can lead to several health issues. Many abnormalities are could be chronic( serious) in nature. To check the abnormalities, there is various diagnostic procedure. Both Color Doppler Ultrasound and Normal Ultrasound are image-guided diagnostic tools to determine the problem in the body.

we will discuss how a colour doppler ultrasound is different from a normal ultrasound.

Color Doppler ultrasound vs normal ultrasound
A color doppler ultrasound is a highly sophisticated, non-invasive, most effective, and accurate diagnostic procedure that is used to check the flow of blood through the blood vessels by bouncing high-frequency sound waves off circulating red blood cells. To change sound waves into different colours, the color doppler uses a computer. The color in reports shows the speed and direction of the flow of blood in real time.

A normal ultrasound uses sound waves to build images of body structure, but it doesn’t show the flow of blood.

A color doppler uses high-frequency sound waves.

Other the other hand, Normal ultrasound uses low-power sound waves.

Why get a color doppler ultrasound and normal ultrasound?

A color doppler is used to monitor injuries to arteries or to monitor certain treatments for your veins and arteries. It is used for checking the functioning of the heart, defects or damage to blood vessels, defects in the heart’s structure, restriction in the blood circulation, blood clots, Poorly functioning valves in your leg veins, Heart valve defects, congenital heart disease, a blocked artery, peripheral artery disease, Bulging arteries, Narrowing of an artery, etc.

On the other hand, normal ultrasound is used to view the uterus and ovaries during pregnancy, monitor the developing baby’s health, Diagnose gallbladder disease, examine a breast lump, check the thyroid gland, find genital and prostate problems, Assess inflammation of joints, Evaluate metabolic bone disease and many more.

Color Doppler Ultrasound and Normal Ultrasound in Dr. Kasture Diagnostic Centre

Before you can receive any treatment for your health issues, you need a proper and accurate diagnosis. At Dr. Kasture Diagnostic Centre, you are in good hands, We work diligently to maintain a positive atmosphere. We offer cutting-edge diagnostic and imaging tools for an accurate and satisfactory diagnosis of your condition.

If you have any questions about your health issues, feel free to contact us. Get the best Colour Doppler Ultrasound Test in Baner and Balewadi. Get accurate results of your Colour Doppler Test with our highly trained team of professionals. Our ultra-modern equipment provides a comprehensive understanding of your condition.

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