Digital X-Ray

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Digital X-Ray?

Digital X-Ray is an advanced form of x-ray inspection which produces a digital radiographic image instantly on a computer. This technique uses x-ray sensitive plates to capture data during object examination, which is immediately transferred to a computer with the use of an intermediate cassette. The incident x-ray radiation is converted into an equivalent electric charge and then to a digital image through a detector sensor.

Advantages Of Digital X-Ray

Digital radiography offer many advantages to the non-destructive testing community, including:

  • Shorter exposure times
  • Real-time applications
  • Use of analysis tool and defect recognition software
  • Improved detail detectability
  • Enhanced SNR and linearity
  • Reduced inspection time, as no chemical processing of film is required
  • Eliminates processing chemical, hence safe for environment
  • Digital image enhancement and data storage
  • Higher productivity
  • Portability
  • Increased dynamic range enables multiple thickness to be inspected in one shot.
  • Easy to transfer to customers electronically.
  • Immediate feedback.
  • Faster Processing Time. With traditional x-rays, it took quite some time to get the images ready.
  • Better Image Quality.
  • Demands Less Resources.
  • Allows for Higher Quality Care.
  • Relatively Easy to Use.
  • Quick Image Sharing.
  • Easy Image Storage.

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