Contact Lens Clinic

Contact Lens Clinic in Baner

Contact Lens Clinic

Contact lenses clinics at Kasture Eye Clinic is provides specialty contact lenses and co-manages cornea patients in vision rehabilitation, therapeutic, and cosmoses.

Specialty contact lenses are given in cases where the spectacles fail to provide good and satisfactory vision; in medical indications like keratoconus, pellucid marginal corneal degeneration, post Lasik ectasia, corneal scar, severe dry eyes, Steven-Johnson syndrome, corneal irregularity from ocular injury, disease, infection or surgery, post corneal transplantation, post radial keratotomy surgery. the quality and quantity of the vision improve drastically with the help of specialty contact lenses.

The clinic also specializes in providing regular contact lenses for daily wear, extended wear soft disposable lenses, conventional lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses, pediatric contact lenses, prosthetic contact lenses, and bandage contact lenses.

We are the best contact lens clinic in Baner, and one of the most popular implantation centers for contact lenses in Pune. We offer all types of contact lenses.

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